Surprise hike in Magma Geopark

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Get an exclusive insight into Magma’s unique landscape formed by ice and water over thousands of years. Join a guided tour to hidden pearls, in the geopark and geological treasures you had no idea about! During July we will visit all the five Magma municipalities.

Transport included, all tours start at 09:00 from Magma Geopark office Elvegaten 23,Egersund.

There will be surprise tours every Saturday in July, check hints for the specific date:
6th July
- Challenging hike, 8-9 hours tour: 6 hours hike and 2 hours transport.
13th July - Moderate hike, 6-7 hours tour: 4-5 hours hike(s) and 1 hour transport.
20th July - Moderate hike, 6-7 hours tour: 4-5 hours hike(s) and 1-2 hour transport.
27th July - Partly challenging hike, 6-7 hours tour: 4 hours hike and 2 hour transport.

Have water and some snacks with you. Remember appropriate clothes and footwear.
Up to 8 persons.

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Meeting Point
Magma Geopark office Elvegaten 23, Egersund, 09:00
Additional information
Tell us if you want to be picked up at Egersund Railway station.
Any inquires, please contact us on or +4791782594
Inquire Booking
Itinerary change from tour to tour


A collection of highlights in Magma Geopark