Expedition around Gyaaksle

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As a brand new and very special experience, we can now offer a guided tour of the steep hills around, in and across Gyaaksle. We start at Stemmen in Gyadalen, and move upwards until we reach the area around the actual axle. From there we will climb "Nordskaret". To participate in this trip, it is a great advantage if the participants know a bit of rappelling. If not, a mini-course can be arranged in advance. The maximum number of participants on the trip is 4. It is vital to have good mountain boots. Participants must bring their own packed lunch.

Duration: approx. 5-6 hours.


The guide is Tore Sunde-Rasmussen. Tore is born and bread in Trollpikken's vicinity and still hikes there several times a week. He has worked as a guide for well-known tourist companies (Jagged Globe and Hvitserk), and has been responsible guide for several tours and expeditions around the world. Tore had the responsibility for one of two teams that climbed to the top of Mt. Everest. He was the first Norwegian who climbed Mt. Everest twice, and in addition, Tore is known as the 2nd Scandinavian that has climbed the mountain from both sides (north and south). He is part of an exclusive company of people who have climbed the largest mountain on all seven continents, also called "7 Summit".

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