Straight to the top - Vinjakula

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If you are aiming for the summits, this hike is for you! This five-hour trip leads you to the highest peak in Magma Geopark (Vinjakula, 907m) and back. During the walk up to the beautiful summit plateau, you will pass through old rocks from the root zone of a mountain chain. Be prepared to be amazed by the view from the top of Vinjakula in the northern part of Magma Geopark.


The dramatic scenery in the valley below allows you to appreciate the area of Magma Geopark that stretches south all the way to the sea. Book a trip with Magma Geopark and hear exciting stories about how this extraordinary landscape has formed over millions of years!




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Meeting Point
Veen camping
Additional information
This hike is rather challenging and requires good preparation in advance. Remember to wear proper clothing and footwear, always have water and snacks along.
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Dramatic scenery

Several viewpoints

Exciting stories about the origins of landscape

Highest peak in the Geopark


  1. Veen
  2. Vinjakula