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The tale of Trollpikken has begun a long, long time ago – before your grandfather was born, before the dinosaurs – yes, even before the first signs of any plants on our planet. Back then, deep down below an enormous mountain, the Trollpikken was born from warm and red-glowing molten rock. Slowly but surely the mountain on top was worn down by the relentless forces of nature, piece by piece.


Many years had passed, with summer heat and winter cold, with rain flushing across the mountain side and wind carrying away dust and stones. Until one day, Trollpikken emerged from the depths of the earth and out in the fresh breeze, only to get covered once again. This time by the icy crust of huge glaciers that covered the land, the last of their kind.


Book a tour with Magma geopark staff and hear the rest of the story!

In addition to a visit to the famous Trollpikken, guests will be guided through a so-called moon landscape formed by glaciers.

PRICE: kr 490,-


Tour includes:

-Professional guide

-Hot beverage and snack

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Elvegaten 23, Egersund
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NOTE: this price is valid if there is a group of min 6 persons. If there is no scheduled activity in the calendar, please contact us for other options. Please take water and packed lunch with you. We recommend wearing clothes and footwear according to weather.
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Tlf: +47 917 82 594;
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We start from Egersund at the Magma Geopark office, Elvegaten 23. The walk to Trollpikken will take about 2,5 hours with stops for guiding. Once we reach Trollpikken, there will be time for a break and to take pictures before we walk back towards Egersund.

Total time of the trip is about 5 hours. 






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