Egersund City walk

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We invite you to join a city walk in Egersund with our great guides from Magma Geopark!

Get to know the history of Egersund, the localities and interesting facts about the town. Did you know why there are so many colourful houses in Okka by? Or that we have exciting connections to, among other, the Royal family and pop king Elvis Presley? Well, you'll find out more about it during the tour.

The city walks start every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11 o'clock from the tourist office and take about 50 min (From 24th of June to 16th of August)
After the city walk you can choose an activity of your own liking: a concert in the church (throughout July) or go to the top of Varberg - which is a great viewpoint.






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The Old Dairy / Magma UNESCO Global Geopark office

Egersund Fayancemuseum

Guest harbour

Egersund Church 






  1. Elvegaten 23
  2. Egersund Fayancemuseum
  3. Kvinnemonument
  4. Gjestehavn
  5. Kirken
  6. Skrivergården
  7. Parkveien
  8. Grand hotell
  9. Storgaten
  10. Lervikbakken
  11. Turistkontoret