Blåfjell historic mines

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The Blåfjell mines is a popular attraction taking you back in time to an era of hard man labor and tough working conditions. Mining in Blåfjell lasted from 1869 to 1875 and up to 200 workers were engaged in the direct or indirect work related to the mines. There are 20 mines of different sizes where 8 of these are larger and have obviously been more important. The ore of interest is called ilmenite, a titanium oxide, and can still be seen inside the mines. 


The hike is 7.2 km back and forth and takes you along a beautifully constructed railway earlier transporting ore from Blåfjell and down to the coast. Along the road the Rocking rock (Ruggesteinen) will be visited - a 74 ton large rock which is possible to move! The highlight for many is the visit inside one of the old mines with beautiful acoustics and mystical atmosphere. 


Blåfjell is an scenic area with a interesting story and the hike is suitable for all ages. 


Tour includes:

-Professional guide

-Hot beverage and snack






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NOK 490

现在预订! Inquire Booking

Meeting point at designated parking lot at Linepollen along Blåfjellveien, 4380 Hauge i Dalane (58°20'54.9"N 6°19'53.3"E).







Remnants from a mining area

Walk along a beautiful constructed old railway

Tour inside an abandoned mine






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